7th meeting: University of Stuttgart (Germany), 29th-30th April 2019 -  Agenda
  • Presentations of members
    • B. MassicotteBond in the repair of RC joints with UHPFRC
    • A. Sharma: MC2020 proposal for bond under seismic loads
    • J. Bošnjak: Bond performance of reinforcement in concrete after exposure to elevated temperatures
    • G. Muciaccia: Effects of different loading/heating procedures to determine the reduction in bond strength of both pre-cast and post-installed rebars

6th meeting: Politecnico di Torino (Italy), 25th-26th March 2018 - Agenda 
5th meeting: University of Padova (Italy), 12th-13th March 2018 - Agenda
  • Presentations on the ongoing activity of each working group:
    • WP9: Validation of local bond-slip modelsJ. Cairns, R. Sedlmeir
    • WP8: Bond of prestressing rebarsDr. F. Faleschini and C. Pellegrino
    • WP2: Bond in existing structures and under severe conditionsDr. M. Blomfors
    • WP3: Bond in smooth rebarsDr. J. Cairns
    • WP1: Performance specifications for lap and anchoragesDr. J. Cairns
4th meeting: University of Stuttgart (Germany), 25th-26th September 2017 - Agenda 
    3rd  meeting:  The Concrete Centre (London, UK), 11th November 2016 - Agenda

    2nd meeting:  EPFL of Lausanne (Switzerland), 26th October 2015 - Agenda
    1st meeting: Politecnico of Milan (Italy), 1st December 2014 - Agenda